Udah Putusin Aja!

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Faraz (Audi Marissa). beautiful, veiled, pious, graceful, but why she is pregnant? Amanda (Elyzia Mulachela) catches her having her pregnancy checked in midwifery clinic. Everyone immediately bullied Faraz, because Amanda posted a video of Faraz going into the clinic. Faraz remains silent for all the gossip that hit her. But the longer, the more disturbing. Especially when pregnancy gossip makes parents protest parents. Mrs Jasmin, the principal, does not take Faraz out, as when Amanda’s best friend, Kinan, was pregnant. Amanda is getting annoyed, because she feels unfair. She is not allowed by his dad to go out with Randy. She was even sentenced to participate in the Pesantren Kilat. Amanda then finds a new fact: Faraz is married. Amanda grew increasingly tired and exasperated.

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Tagline:Jaga kehormatanmu, raih kemuliaanmu
Genre: Drama
Duration: 88 Min
Language:Bahasa indonesia